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We offer reasonably priced travel packages all over the world for your business and leisure needs. The corporate division provides the full spectrum of travel services for the business community.

Our mission is to offer the finest holidays based on our expertise, passion, efficiency, and knowledge and service excellence. We excel in understanding all our customers wants and needs, and strive to offer exceptional service, professional assistance and the finest committed staff

In addition to this recognised association with superior quality and value for money. Concorde travel is also synonymous with the highest levels of service. This is achieved through its experienced team and ongoing training.


We advise advertising sales organizations on how to refocus their strategy, clearly articulate their value proposition, and boost performance.

Our consultants help ad sales teams develop new strategies and approaches for a market characterized by significant shifts in media consumption, faster cycle times for ad-formats, and new entrants in the marketplace.

We find that clients are looking for assistance offering distinctive products, developing ways to accurately evaluate the return on investment from new media advertising, and finding better ways to meet the needs of advertisers.

A variety of unique marketing and promotions offerings are offered. This include print media, digital, out-of-home, campaigns, activations and all media and advertising activities tailored to your needs.


Building and maintaining cordial relationships with all stakeholders both internal and external. Concorde Communications is progressive communications agency dedicated to the intersection of earned, owned and paid media strategy. Based in South Africa, we deliver industry-leading public relations, content development and social media services to help our clients connect in the modern storytelling environment.


We offer strategic business consulting to both private companies and government institutions. we leverage our expertise to provide sound strategic advice, combined with the delivery of world-class solutions, designed to assist in the alignment of people, processes and technology behind specified business objectives.


Together with our highly qualified personnel in the aviation industry, The Concorde Group offers strategic consulting that is tailored for aviation operators. The business of airports and airlines is about the most effective delivery of the right airport infrastructure, the best facilities, and the finest service.

With airports and airlines under increasing demand for profitable and sustainable operations and improved safety and security, Concorde Aviation is positioned to be the consultant of choice.


Through our qualified lawyers, we offer a new and innovative way of legal counseling to clients by providing legal advice through electronic mediums.